Soft Robotics for Architects* was a hands-on workshop intended to introduce architecture students to the field of soft robotics.

It was organized by Dino Rossi of the Adaptive Systems Lab (ASL), which is part of the Assistant Chair for Architecture & Sustainable Building Technologies (SuAT) at the ETH Zurich. The workshop included a guest lecture by Dr. Robert Shepherd of Cornell University, USA.

During the five day workshop students were introduced the 3D modeling in Rhinocerous 3D for mold design. Molds were then fabricated on a MakerBot 2x 3D printer. Actuators were fabricated using Ecoflex 0030, which was mixed, degassed, cast into the printed molds, and quickly cured in standard toaster ovens.

Control of the soft pneumatic actuators was carried out using Arduino micro controllers and Festo pneumatic valves.

The goal of the workshop was to teach the participants the tool chain required for creating a building facade prototype composed of soft pneumatic actuators.


Critics at the final presentation:

Prof. Dr. Robert Shepherd, Shepherd Lab (Cornell, USA)

Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic, Interaction Design (ZHdK, CH)

Dr. Arno Schlueter, Architecture & Sustainable Building Technologies (ETH Zurich, CH)


Seminar Week announcement: http://www.suat.arch.ethz.ch/en/teaching/seminarweek